My name is John Jennings, III, and I was born and raised in Coalinga. I caught the “real estate bug” a few years back. Since then I started company to manage my rentals and recently I began working for the premier local real estate brokerage in town – Mid State Realty.

     There are numerous articles available on the web that detail how to find the best real estate agent to sell your home. However, most gloss over the importance of working with a local real estate agent. This is probably due to the fact that agents in larger towns, say Fresno or Bakersfield, are able to sustain large national real estate franchises. Because Fresno’s inventor can support these companies, often times the real estate agents that work there are native to Fresno. Therefore, it makes sense that articles published for mass consumption would skip over the importance of working with a local real estate agent.

     When was the last time you saw a national chain’s for sale sign in Coalinga? It doesn’t happen often. The signs one typically sees are for Mid State Realty, B&B, and Golden Hills. In fact, within the last six months, out of the 53 sold pieces of real estate, 39 were listed with local agents. That is a staggering 73% sold locally! This figure includes properties that were listed on the Fresno County MLS.

     Coalinga is a unique town with an unusual set of market conditions. For example, how long has it been since your home was appraised?  It can be a headache finding an appraiser who will come “all the way to Coalinga” in a timely fashion. If you list your home with a local real estate brokerage they can immediately suggest an appraiser. What about finding a good handyman to re-paint your home before you put it on the open market? List with a local brokerage and they will be able to recommend contractors to you. What’s more, they more than likely will give you the name of local contractors so you don’t pay a pesky travel fee. There are many benefits to selling with a local agent, but what I find the most attractive is the accountability inherent in Coalinga’s brokerages.

     When a person from Coalinga has a negative experience with an agent from out of town, that agent goes home and moves on with life. If a person has a bad experience with an agent from Coalinga then watch out! If that agent doesn’t do right by their client, most people in town will hear about it (probably on the Coalinga Citizens Facebook page). Referrals are the life blood of real estate in Coalinga. If you have a local agent who has been around awhile, then it is because clients have recommended that agent to friends and family.

     I use what I believe to be the best product for the best price. When it comes to selling real estate in Coalinga, the best option is clearly a local brokerage.

John Jennings, III

BRE# 01982171

John Jennings, III is a licensed Realtor® who works for Mid State Realty in Coalinga, CA. For more articles like this one go to John can be reached at and (559) 970-4312.

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