Harris Pool

     It’s summertime! The weather is hot; the days are long, and you want to cool off in a sparkling pool. The only problem is your home doesn’t have one, so you toss around the idea of installing one. Then you think about the equity you have in your home and wonder if it would make more sense to buy a home with a pool already built? Which option is more cost efficient? Installing a pool or buying a home with a pool already constructed?

     A pool in Coalinga can be valuable; especially in the summer time! A home can sell quickly and for more money if it has a clean functioning pool. However, it is important to remember that a pool is a depreciating asset. Similar to a car, a pool’s value will be the greatest when it is brand new. Every day after that, money is lost to depreciation. If you are wanting the biggest bang for your buck, it is recommended you buy a home with a pre-existing pool. Building a pool will not generate a dollar for dollar home value increase. If the pool costs $40,000 to install, it won’t increase your home’s value by $40,000. Rather than take that initial hit from construction costs, stretch your money a little further and buy a home with a pre-existing pool.

     Owning a pool is a lifestyle choice rather than an investment. If you live in a great neighborhood and love your home, it might be best to install a pool. If you are thinking about moving within 3-5 years, contact your local Realtor and see if you are in a position to buy a home that does have a pool. Owning a pool can bring immense pleasure. When emotional satisfaction is taken into consideration a pool can be a great investment in your family’s happiness, and who can put a price tag on that?

John Jennings, III

BRE# 01982171

John Jennings, III is a licensed Realtor® who works for Mid State Realty in Coalinga, CA. For more articles like this one go to johnjenningsrealtor.com. John can be reached at john@oaktreere.net and (559) 970-4312.

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