Exclusive Listings Good or Bad?

                     The housing market is finally increasing in value! You have been watching the home values trend up, so you decide it is finally time to sell your home. You make the wise decision to call a local real estate agent who puts home on the … Continue reading Exclusive Listings Good or Bad?

What Is Escrow?

     Congratulations! You decided this was the year you were going to buy a home, and it has been a long process. So far you have: been pre-approved by a lender, toured properties with your Realtor, wrote up an offer, and after negotiating you are officially...in escrow? What is escrow?      When a … Continue reading What Is Escrow?

Why You Care About the FMOC

     "Are interest rates going to increase for home loans? Is now a good time to buy a home?” Buyers often ask these questions because the higher interest rates rise, the more your purchasing power is diminished. Conversely if interest rates were to decrease, you may be able to buy a more expensive home. … Continue reading Why You Care About the FMOC

Pros and Cons of Pre-foreclosure

     Pre-foreclosure. That blue dot on Zillow, is commonly associated with the property being below market value. However, that isn’t always the case. In fact many times, a home that is in pre-foreclosure is not discounted at all. Before we discuss the pro’s and con’s of buying a home in pre-foreclosure, let’s discuss exactly … Continue reading Pros and Cons of Pre-foreclosure

Install or Buy a Home With a Pool?

     It’s summertime! The weather is hot; the days are long, and you want to cool off in a sparkling pool. The only problem is your home doesn’t have one, so you toss around the idea of installing one. Then you think about the equity you have in your home and wonder if it … Continue reading Install or Buy a Home With a Pool?